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Apply for an Appeal or Waiver 

Determine whether you need to file an appeal or for a waiver. You will need to file an appeal if you were not convicted of the offense listed in the TSA letter or if the crime you were convicted of was a misdemeanor or a drug possession charge. You also may file an appeal if you were convicted of an "interim disqualifying felony" more than seven years ago and you have been out of prison for more than five years. You must file for a waiver if the conviction took place less than seven years ago or if your incarceration release occurred less than five years ago. If you ever were convicted of a "permanently disqualifying felony," you need to file for a waiver. Visit the TSA website for a list of what are considered permanent and interim disqualifying felonies.


Gather the appropriate documentation to support your claim. The TSA will accept only official documents that you receive from the court, the district attorney or the police department. The TSA does not accept letters from your lawyer. Those filing for a waiver need additional paperwork. You must submit documentation from your probation or parole officer verifying your prison release date and your probation or parole compliance. In addition, you must prepare a personal statement that informs the TSA in your own words what circumstances led to the conviction, the amount of time that has passed since the conviction and a brief explanation of your activities since the conviction.


Use the personal statement to inform the TSA how much you want or need the job and that you are not a threat to security. You must submit letters of support when you file for a waiver. Include letters from your parole officer, your employer, friends, family members and anyone else willing to vouch for your character.


If you need additional time to gather the necessary documentation, you may request a 60-day extension by contacting the TSA in writing.

Contact Twic Card Help to assist you with your Appeal and or Waiver.